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Boise Aeros Club Members
Total Listed: 10
NameCityStateMember SinceAge
Abbott, Willard (will)BoiseID10/30/201370-74M07/16/2016 
Adams, EvelynBoiseID08/05/201555-59F11/16/20151
Adams, RobBoiseID11/24/200960-64M11/22/201512
Addy, LynaeMeridianID12/25/200945-49F07/16/2016 
Aiken, DawnBoiseID01/12/201540-44F07/16/20163
Alderson, WillieBoiseID12/17/201035-39M01/29/2013 
Andrews, JuleneBoiseID01/17/201055-59F01/18/20142
Andrews, SteveBoiseID01/17/201055-59M01/18/20141
Antink, ErikBoiseID02/14/201145-49M02/14/20111
Ashwin, PeterBoiseID12/04/201250-54M07/16/20161

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Club Stats
Members: 235
Men: 141
Women: 94
States Represented: 2
Cities Represented: 11
Oldest Member: 78 years old
Youngest Member: 3 years old
Average Age: 49 years old
Ironman Finishers: 59
Ironman Races Finished: 169